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"It’s very hands-on…I’m learning a ton about the industry. I would like to open my own bakery. Thanks to Polaris, I’ll be able to apply the skills that I’ve learned to help me pursue my dream."
Briana Spence
Baking & Pastry Arts
Berea-Midpark High School
"The Biomedical Sciences program is inspiring me to enter the medical field. It’s preparing me for college and my career."
Kellie Bischoff
Biomedical Sciences
Middleburg Heights Junior High
"This program gives you a good idea of what the HVAC field is all about. It also provides you with many skills that can be useful in other related careers. "
Austin Fox
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Fairview High School
"We use the newest, most up-to-date programs available which help us expand our knowledge in this cutting edge career."
Anthony Imbordino
Interactive Multimedia
Olmsted Falls High School
"Polaris is filled with many kind people who go out of their way to help you succeed."
Helen Mei
Dental Assisting
Brooklyn High School
"The people in this program are great. The teacher is awesome! I’m learning the skills I need to work in this exciting field."
Devon Schroeder
Automotive Technology
Brooklyn High School
"This class gives me great insight into the educational world. The projects are educational and really fun! I love it!"
Alyssa Robinson
Teaching Professions
Berea-Midpark High School
"Chef Training gives me real-world experience and provides me the opportunity to follow my passion."
Katarina Liska
Chef Training
Strongsville High School
"Pre-Engineering is fun, interesting and hands-on. It’s preparing me for a career as a Civil or Electrical Engineer. It’s great!"
Mike Vasdekis
Brooklyn High School
"I chose this program because I wanted to learn how to care for people. It will prepare me for college and a career in physical therapy."
Ahmed Eddeb
Medical Professions
Brooklyn High School
"Everything we learn can be used in real life. I love it!"
Julianna Koski
Administrative & Business Professional
Strongsville High School
"I love completing my work responsibilities and hanging out with my Polaris friends."
Ashley Johnson
Employability Skills Lab
Fairview High School
"I love that this program allows us to work with our hands in a real world environment."
David Badgett
Welding Technology
North Olmsted
"Polaris was a great choice. It’s really hands-on and fun. I look forward to coming to school every day because I’m pursuing my dream."
Jimmy Vu
Emergency Medical Technician
North Olmsted High School
"The Polaris Cosmetology program has given me a chance to enhance my skills. It’s a career I always saw myself doing. I feel like I’m getting an early start on my career."
Yasmeen Ibrahim
Strongsville High School
"Polaris is giving me an early start on my career. Plus, the teachers and staff are great!"
Lindsay Gavala
Sports Medicine
Strongsville High School
"This program helped me to decide and confirm what I want to do in my future and in my career."
Kristina Powell
Computer Networking Technology
Berea-Midpark High School
"This program prepares us for the real-world in law enforcement. It will help me to succeed by giving me a jump-start on college."
Katia Asmar
Criminal Justice
Strongsville High School
"Precision CNC Machining is fun and hands-on. It’s introducing me to the skills that will help prepare me for a career in manufacturing."
Nick Halterman
Precision CNC Machining
Berea-Midpark High School
"I love that we are exposed to the many different aspects of aviation…piloting, mechanics, air traffic control, etc. This program is preparing me for college and giving me a head start on my career."
Kylie Hicks
North Olmsted High School
"This program is giving me the skills I need to succeed in the world of work."
Krista Buckner
Deli & Food Production
Berea-Midpark High School
"The skills I’m learning here will give me a jump-start on my future and my career."
C. J. Skokan
Building Services
Olmsted Falls High School
"The program is excellent. It prepares you to be an engineer while teaching you the principles of electronics. Our teacher is fantastic!"
Mike Zeber
Electronics & Alternative Energy
Olmsted Falls High School
"Construction Trades teaches you all the skills needed to build a house…it’s all-inclusive. This program will give me a jump-start on my career."
Rebecca Reed
Construction Trades
Strongsville High School